Administrative Staff

Michael Soule


Michael Soulé is a Waldorf educator, administrator and organizational manager with more than 30 years’ experience working for, advising and advocating for Waldorf schools throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and other parts of the world. He completed training in Spacial Dynamics and Waldorf Teaching, holds an MA in Waldorf Education and studied at the Social Development Centre at Emerson College. He has been a class teacher, movement teacher, school administrator, board member, regional repressentative, Leader of Programs for AWSNA and is currently the lead facilitator at LeadTogether, a web-based community for Waldorf Leaders. He’s a founding member at Sound Circle Center in Seattle. Michael earned degrees from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley and helped found and lead several non-profit organizations earlier in his career. Michael first came to visit Whidbey Island in 1979 and worked with the school as a consultant over the years before being hired as our new School Administrator. 

Jen Lahiff

Administrative Assistant

Jen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In search of a place where they could provide a magical childhood for their young daughter, she and her husband moved from LA to Whidbey Island. As soon as Jen first encountered the Whidbey Island Waldorf School, she knew that it was the place they had been looking for! They bought a house at Lagoon Point, Jen started working at WIWS, and her daughter now attends as a student. Before coming to Whidbey Island, Jen earned a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA, after which she worked in both public and private education, assisted some of the world’s most prominent families, and founded a successful staffing agency. She feels strongly about supporting the needs of all children, and to that end has volunteered extensively with foster youth. She loves being part of the WIWS community!

Karina Bergen
Enrollment & Outreach

Karina was born and raised in Ottawa, among 15-foot high Canadian snowdrifts. She earned a B.A. in International Development followed by an M.A. in Journalism out of Halifax. It was from there she flew to Hong Kong, where she spent the next 20 years. She worked for 10 years as an award winning documentary maker, then trained to become a Somatic Movement Educator and worked for a youth-focused NGO where she taught workshops on, among other things, body image and self-esteem in Hong Kong's International and Local schools. After having her son Jonah, she  spent three years as Administrator of a small Waldorf-inspired pre-school on her beloved island of Lamma. Karina moved with family to Whidbey in 2014, where she began work as Assistant Teacher in the school's magical Golden Forest Kindergarten while her son entered the beautiful Sunflower Kindergarten. Karina is really pleased to be part of the Office Team at WIWS, and brings her enthusiasm and care to this work in service. Building community is her passion, working for this at WIWS is her joy.

Carol Heywood

Finance Manager

Carol was born and raised in Whittier, California and finished 2 years of college when the heavy smog in the area hindered her track running performance and she chose to relocate to the Seattle area to finish her education at the University of Washington.  Her 25 yr. career in business management has taken her through quite a variety of interesting industries from dentistry to retail to fire science to nonprofits and more.

 In 2011 a financial arrangement made it possible for her to volunteer for various causes that were dear to her heart.  A large permaculture project with a CSA in S. Oregon motivated her to relocate to Williams, OR.  While in the area she was elected to the Williams Town Council; co-founded GMO Free Josephine County and was instrumental in banning GMO crops in the county; co-founded Williams Water Way, a grassroots organization that successfully stopped the county from spraying toxic chemical pesticides along the roadways of a valley that contains 42 organic farms.

 In Spring of 2015 Carol’s 93 yr old father, residing in Woodinville, WA with her brother, told her that he felt like he was not going to be around much longer and that it would mean a great deal if she lived closer.  A lovely series of serendipitous events landed her in a cozy A-frame cabin near Baby Island where she and her true companion (135 lb. Leonberger, Sage) hope to call home for a very long time.  She really enjoys spending special time with her dad and he is still going strong!

 A spiritual awakening in the late 80’s deepened her connection with Earth.  Her ongoing evolution led to interest in permaculture in the early 2000s which led to enrolling in a program at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in 2007.  Part of the program included visits to the Waldorf School and she became fascinated with the innovative educational curriculum that engaged the students and teachers on a much deeper level than was currently being offered in public schools.  She has kept the interest alive that was generated during those visits and has been a strong proponent for the Waldorf methods.  She finds it very appropriate and rewarding that at this point her business career and spiritual path are converging as she takes on the job of Finance Manager at the Waldorf School on Whidbey Island.

Her favorite saying:  "There is no circumstance, in which loving more, is not the answer" Unknown

Site Steward

Brian Boyd

Brian came to WIWS when his oldest son joined the early childhood program. His three children have attended WIWS and Prairie Moon Waldorf School in Lawrence, Kansas.  Brian grew up helping his father build their house and worked in the maintenance department for his work study job during seminary. He has worked in restaurants and retreat centers often troubleshooting issues around maintenance or repair. Brian's focus is on making sure the WIWS buildings and grounds are maintained with an eye toward the future.

Custodial Team

Xan Sowell, Lead

Arwen Norman, Support

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