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Development: Joining Hands


The spirit of giving is alive and well at Whidbey Island Waldorf School, with parents, friends, alumni, community partners and foundations all playing a part. WIWS staff, board, faculty and parents together coordinate numerous activities that help grow and maintain our school's academic, financial and structural resources. At the core of this effort is the building and nurturing of relationships with a variety of individuals and organizations who share our vision of educational excellence.

Because tuition covers about 85 percent of our school's operating costs, as is customary at most independent schools, we rely on additional funding from our Annual Giving Campaign, Annual Auction, special fundraising appeals, businesses and foundations to enhance our educational programs and facilities and to support a diverse population of families who are passionate about Waldorf education.

We also rely heavily on the generous support of dedicated volunteers, parents, grandparents, and friends who share their time and talent for work projects, participation in school governance, special events, and student productions. We are blessed to be a community of families who actively contribute to the school in so many ways.


Whidbey Island Waldorf School

Annual Giving


Ways to make your gift grow


Did you know that your gift grows over time? Every contribution to the school is an investment in your child, your class and the future of the school and Waldorf Education. It may only help us meet our budget goals for this year but in the future, your children will be inspired by the generosity of this group of parents and what they were able to do.


Here are some other ideas about ways you can make your gift grow.


It takes a Village

Many families try to include their relatives and friends in their support of the school. The school is not only a good choice for your family,  it is a worthy endeavor in the world. It supports our community and the region and education in general. Our experience has been that if you just share your story and passion for Waldorf education and how it is an important part of your life many times others will also feel moved to give.


The Power of the Moon

The moon comes back to full each month and is a powerful rhythm in our lives. By making an a monthly pledge, you can see your gift grow and increase in size to something much bigger.


Knitting into Pearls

If handwork is your talent, consider making some felted , knitted or crocheted items to sell in our store at the holiday faire.


It’s all in the Family

Some families make their annual gift a family joy doing something that the whole family can participate in and be proud of. You might try to help your children also be part of your giving.


       Return the Return

If you usually get a refund from the IRS tax return, please consider giving a portion of it to help the school.


      Magic Beans

This is an age old way to make your gift grow: first take your cow to the marketplace, sell it, take the money and on the way home buy some magic beans. When you realize that you have been swindled, toss the beans out the window. When the morning comes and there is a giant beanstalk in the back yard, climb it, go to the giant’s house and bring home the goose that lays a golden egg. Really, the point of this story is to believe in magic, use your imagination and your courage to reach higher than you imagined you could, and be bold and creative in whatever you do.


Please remember that your contribution is a charitable gift and tax deductible under federal laws. 

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