"Together, parents and teachers found, develop and sustain Waldorf schools around the world...
Together, parents and teachers create the social climate and the physical environment in which the soul of the school becomes visible."

--Robert Schiappacasse,

Three Pillars of Healthy Waldorf School Communities:
Cultivating the Parent-Teacher Partnership

WIWS Community Service Directory

Looking for a carpenter? a massage? computer help? Click on "Download Directory" and support the businesses of Whidbey Island Waldorf School community members. This down-loadable document provides descriptions and contact information on business and services offered by members of our school community. It is updated monthly. If you would like to make additions or corrections to this directory, send them by e-mail to Maureen at wiwsadministrator[at]whidbey.com.

Service Directory Updated 1.25.11

All School Survey

When approached by the news media and asked the question, "What did Waldo
rf education do for you?" Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg replied, "It encouraged me to always strive to become a better human being."

Parent Survey 2011

Click this LINK to see the results of our recent WIWS Parent Survey!

We appreciate that 81% of WIWS families with children in Nursery through 8th grade responded to our 2011 Parent Survey. Click on the link above to view the tabulated results of this survey. Our Strategic Council received full survey results, including open-ended comments, and are currently engage in incorporating your feedback in strategic planning for school improvement. Thank you, participants, for helping to measure the current pulse of the school from the parental perspective, and thereby helping to improve our school for all of our children.

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