"We must recognize in the children born today a preview of what must be developed in the coming generations; we must learn to educate prophetically. The fact is that we MUST educate prophetically, we are to foresee what are to be the tasks of the next generation."

~Rudolf Steiner, from
The Riddle of our Age

Admissions Process & Instructions

1. Download and complete an application form (links directly below) and return it with a $50.00 application fee for each student to Whidbey Island Waldorf School (WIWS).

Application Submission
Please send your application and fee to
Whidbey Island Waldorf School
P.O Box 469
Clinton, WA  98236
Attn: Enrollment Director

Pls note: we have a rolling Admissions process, so you may send an application form in at any time of year and it will be received.
You may also apply for Tuition Assistance (TA) as part of your Application process at any time during the year.
Please scroll down for TA instructions,  financial worksheet and application.
If you have any questions around TA, please call our Enrollment Director Karina at 360.341.5686 or email enrollment@wiws.org

2. For students entering 1st grade or higher, please print, complete and sign the Request for Records form (linked below under Application & Tuition Forms) and send it to your child's current school immediately. Applications to WIWS are not considered complete until these records are received. This includes the name and contact of any current teacher, any Individual Education Plan (IEP), special needs assessments, or psychological evaluations previously performed. Homeschool teachers and/or special subject tutors either at home or through other programs, ie. Oasis, should provide a description of what the student has been taught along with an assessment of the student's learning.

3. Upon receipt and review of your application, you will be contacted by the teacher(s) of your prospective class to schedule a first meeting, a possible classroom visit date 
(Grades 1 - 8) or forest walk (Kindergarten) for your child.  

4. Upon conclusion of the enrollment steps, the Enrollment Director will make contact with the prospective family.

5. Once a student is accepted for admission, a financial contract via our financial management company TADS is issued to the enrolling parents. Enrollment is considered final upon completion of the TADS contract with WIWS and payment of supplies fee to WIWS.

6. There is a six-week probationary period for all students at onset of school attendance. During this period, either the school or the family can terminate the contract and the financial obligation of the family is prorated according to the number of days attended. Supply fees and Field Trip fees are non refundable.

Application & Tuition Forms



Application Submission
Please send your application and fee to
Whidbey Island Waldorf School
P.O Box 469
Clinton, WA  98236

Tuition and Fees:

Family Affordability Plan
Available to all applying families, our 100-80% Family Affordability Plan charges full tuition for the first child enrolled within a family, and charges 80% tuition for the second child or subsequent child within a single family.

Tuition Assistance Program
Whidbey Island Waldorf School offers a Tuition Assistance program. Please use the two links (Worksheet for your preparation and Application to submit) near bottom of page to submit your completed application for Tuition Assistance. This should be done during your application process.

New families
and families that experience a significant change of events during the school year can apply for this assistance at any time.

We are committed to doing our best to ensure that no family for whom the school is a good fit will be turned away due to financial hardship.

Tuition adjustment is available through a confidential application process.
Please refer your TA questions to our Finance Manager,
Carol Heywood.
Phone: 360-341-5686, email: financemanager@wiws.org

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at tads.com



1-Your application & fee are good for one calendar year upon receipt of that application. If your child is accepted but you must delay enrollment, you have one calendar year for school entry before having to begin the admissions process again.

2-If you are a WIWS family that formally withdraws, you must begin a new admissions process, including application and fee, if your child has not attended WIWS for one calendar year. If you choose to pursue re-admittance before a calendar year has expired, you must submit a Re-admission Application letter to begin the process of re-entry assessment. Please contact our Administrative office for more information.

For more information about applications to WIWS please contact:
Enrollment Director Karina Bergen at 360-341-5686
or email enrollment@wiws.org

WIWS would like to reaffirm our commitment to creating and nurturing an inclusive,diverse and welcoming community for every student and family. 
We stand in support of each and every WIWS student and family, irregardless of race, immigration status, religious affiliation or LGBTQIA identity. 

We love and honor all of our students and families and feel blessed to have you all in our community.

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