"Among the social challenges
that face us today, social
isolation is a phenomenon
that stands out in terms of
the emotional distress and
damage inflicted in childhood
that can color the rest of

our lives."

~The Social Inclusion Approach

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The Social Inclusion Process
seeks to deepen and further
existing socially-inspired
practice within the school
community. As social
inclusions is of community-
wide concern, teachers, parents
and students are actively
involved in the process.

Social Inclusion Iniative

To our Dear Community,

WIWS would like to reaffirm our commitment to creating and nurturing an inclusive,diverse and welcoming community for every student and family.

We stand in support of each and every WIWS student and family, irregardless of race, immigration status, religious affiliation or LGBTQIA identity.
We love and honor all of our students and families and feel blessed to have you all in our community.

In deep appreciation,
the WIWS Administration
on behalf of all Faculty and Staff

"Intentional community takes a surprising amount of both inner (individual) and outer (community) effort. It is the interplay between the two that gives a community both its warmth and strength."  ~Social Inclusion Trainer Lesley Diaz

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