"Human 'morality' on
depends on the
one takes in
upon the
capability to see

into another person.
who have the
gift of
other human
 will receive from

this understanding
impulse for a social
imbued with
true morality."

~Rudolf Steiner

WIWS' Listening Council

The Listening Council is dedicated to maintaining and opening for WIWS community members to speak their minds, voice and idea, air a concern, express gratitude or share a thought with members of the school's leadership.

The mission of the Listening Council is to facilitate a clear and effective communication strategy, with timely resolution to conflicts when applicable, in order to support the healthy social life of our school community.

View our 2013 Listening Council Brochure HERE.

"When I had a matter to bring before the Listening Council, I was so pleased with how warmly I was received and how well I was supported in seeking resolution. It is heartening to know such an embracing
and effective body exists--for adults!--at my children's school."

~WIWS Parent

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