"We came for the majestic land and the opportunities provided by the curriculum. We stay because this community has become our family."

~Nydia Blood, WIWS Parent

Whidbey Island Waldorf School

6335 Old Pietila Road
P.O. Box 469
Clinton, WA 98236

The Whidbey Island Waldorf School

A Foundation of Free & Innovative Thought

Whidbey Island Waldorf School has provided a comprehensive, whole-person, arts-integrated education on south Whidbey Island, Washington since 1985. Part of a worldwide educational movement, WIWS supports the evolution of human consciousness through its curriculum and outreach.

We are blessed to be situated in the midst of a 100-acre forest preserve. The beauty of the landscape and the richness of the forest ecosystem provide our students with a wealth of inspiration and resource for a direct experience of the natural world.

Further, our extraordinary faculty brings decades of combined teaching experience, vast knowledge of child-development, and deep commitment both to their craft and to the children in their care. Whidbey Island Waldorf School is an pedagogically-established school that draws Waldorf families and teachers from across the country and the world..

Natural Beauty, Open Community

Just an hour north of Seattle, Whidbey Island Waldorf School offers the best of educational possibilities combined with the beauty of island living. The deep forest, the vast ocean surround, and the mountains that limn the horizon support the wholistic, enlivening curriculum.

More than an inspired school in a lovely setting, WIWS is also a community of students, their parents, teachers and friends joined together for the nurturing of the free and creative individual and for service to the greater good. Both Whidbey Island and Whidbey Island Waldorf School provide an incomparably beautiful and healthy place to raise and educate children prepared for the rapidly changing post-modern world.

"I can think of no greater educational gift and opportunity for our son than the way that a Waldorf education tends to his imaginal mind and sense of belonging within the natural world."

~Stephanie Ryan, WIWS Parent

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