Admissions Procedure

1. Parents complete an application form and return it with a $50.00 application fee for each student.

2. (Applications for Second Grade and higher) Parents fill out and sign the Release of Records form and send it to their child’s current school as soon as possible. (No application can be completed until the student’s previous school records are received. This includes any Individual Education Plan (IEP), special needs assessments, or psychological evaluations previously performed.)

3. Enrollment Director contacts parents and arranges an interview with the appropriate and faculty member(s) that includes the parents and child.

4. The faculty reviews the application and interview results, and if the child is approved, a letter of acceptance is sent to the parents.

5. Once a student is accepted for admissions, a financial contract is drawn up and signed by the parents and the school financial manager.

6. There is a six-week probationary period for all students. During this period, either the school or the family can terminate the contract and the financial obligation of the family is prorated according to the number of days attended. After six weeks, the parents become responsible for the full contractual amount according to the agreed upon payment schedule.

For more information about applying to the school, contact our Enrollment Director, Adam Fawcett at 360-341-5686 or


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