Rudolf Steiner: Soul Man

Read about one man's re-encounters with the work of Waldorf Education founder, Rudolf Steiner...

Links to other Waldorf and related Education Resources

Additional Resources

There are many excellent resources and websites that offer more valuable information on Waldorf Education and related holistic and integral educational resources.

The Research Institute for Waldorf Education offers a plethora of information and resources for Waldorf study and research.

The list below offers a beginning to broader and deeper research:

Rudolf Steiner Archives
~An online compendium of Steiner's lecture, books and related resources.

Steiner Books
~The premier Anthropophical press in the United States

Anthroposophical Society in America
~The center of Anthroposophical study and spiritual resource in North America

The Waldorf Online Library
A listing by category of books, audio, video and articles, many of them available for free download.

Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)
~The official Waldorf website for pre-grade school  age children.
~The official website of AWSNA, The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
~The website of Kim John Payne, renowned educator of founder of the Simplicity Parenting movement 
~The website of notable Waldorf educator Eugene Schwartz

Other websites with resources regarding the protection of childhood, early childhood development and other topics in alignment with the principles of Waldorf Education:

Links to Waldorf-Related Articles

Schooling the Imagination  by Todd Oppenheimer

The Wisdom of Waldorf
  by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Why Waldorf Works by Dr. Regalina Melrose

On Resilience by Christof Weichert

Soul Man by Douglas Brenner

Why Preschool Shouldn't Be Like School by Alison Gopnik

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