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Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives.
Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education

An Education for the 21st Century

What do you, as a parent, value in your child's education today?

There are so many skills we want our children to grow and flower - creativity, critical thinking, observation, memory and analysis, problem solving, collaboration and of course, communication. These are among the capacities we have always worked to discover, nurture and nourish in each of our students. Perhaps most importantly in these fast changing times, our curriculum is taught through a lens of social collaboration and compassion, ever moving towards understanding and even, wonder. Waldorf students graduate with a well-rounded education, intellectual maturity, confidence in themselves and their abilities; able to think independently and move forward in their own unique way, all the while grounded in a real sense of community and responsibility.

Waldorf education is unique because your child is unique.
Our creative and rigorous teaching approach meets each child where they are—academically, socially and emotionally—to help your child become the best thinker, student, leader, path changer and citizen of the world they can be.

Is Waldorf right for your child? Visit us and find out.

Come for a personal tour of our school or a Walk Through the Grades, visiting three classrooms over the course of the morning. You’ll begin to see what makes Whidbey Island Waldorf School such a special place for your child to be. You’ll start to see and feel all the reasons to choose a Waldorf education. You might catch a glimpse of our Nursery students outside by the fire, playing in the mud wearing their Muddy Buddies. You might see our 8th graders practicing their Shakespeare play or any student in grades 3-8 making beautiful music together in the choir and orchestra; or perhaps you'll come across the 4th graders carving pipes and pulling drum skins as they welcome their annual Potlatch gathering, honoring WA state's history. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse the 3rd graders over at Whidbey Institute gardening or our Middle School students clearing and maintaining trails. Or, you might talk to some of our gifted and dedicated teachers, who seem to “know” your child after just meeting them.

There’s a lot to see on our beautiful campus of 100 acres of forest trust land, stewarded by the Whidbey Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning center serving adults, young adults, and youth.

To learn more or to come for a tour or a Walk Through the Grades, please call Enrollment & Outreach Director Karina Bergen at 360-341-5686 or email enrollment@wiws.org

We look forward to meeting you!

More about Waldorf

Outdoor Education at Its Finest
with our Sunflower & Golden Forest Kindergartens

Reverence for nature and honoring of her seasons and cycles are part and parcel of a Waldorf education. In keeping with this spirit of reverence and in accordance with our strong support of play-based Early Childhood education, our Kindergarten students enjoy significant time out-of-doors.

Our young students in the Sunflower Kindergarten begin their days inside with an art or craft, and then go outside for walks and play on the beautiful 100-acre forest preserve upon which our beautiful campus is situated. 

Students in the Golden Forest Kindergarten spend all their time outside on the land; playing, singing, moving, walking and at least one day a week, roasting potatoes round the fire in our Sunny Meadow.

To read more about Forest/Outdoor Kindergartens, please see our Nursery and Kindergarten information, under Education Programs in the headers above.
Thank you!

"Family, community, wonder, magic! The children who grow up in this school are incredibly self-aware and self-expressed, with poise and charisma that is rare. And wise beyond their years. (Attend an 8th Graduation ceremony if you can, and listen to the kids. They will blow you away, each and every one.) The amazing fabric of interwoven community not only holds up the children, but also the parents and families – a testament to the commitment of faculty, administration and parent bodies. All those involved are seen, acknowledged and respected. It's cozy, sure, and you might bump heads (you can't hide and skate through) but just like life in any tight-knit group, the challenges serve to strengthen bonds and enrich life's journey. The kids to learn to work things out, to find a place for all, to love one another as brother and sister. You get tenfold back what you put in here. And not to mention the jaw dropping setting in the forest. The seasonal events are beautiful, soulful, enriching happenings, anchoring the passage of time with heartfelt ceremonies so the feelings sink in, and stay with you for the rest of your life. Whether you're deep into the pedagogy, or just finding compatibility in the curriculum, there is no denying that the level of love, care and hands-on experience this school offers is the most potent nourishment a growing body and mind can receive along the path of self-actualization. In this day and age, one would be hard-pressed to find a school offering greater inspiration ANYWHERE, let alone on Whidbey Island. Thank you Whidbey Island Waldorf School for all you do and are. You have changed my life profoundly for the better."
Denis Zimmermann, current parent at WIWS

"I feel like I'm using my Whole brain!"
Middle School student who transferred from public school to WIWS

"Oh my goodness, Our family only spent a fall quarter in the afternoon enrichment Art program, but it was so life changing and left such a lasting impression on our family.
That was with only 3 days a week for an hour in a half a day. We are missing everything about the school, the community, the teaching and learning philosophy, and the spiritual essence one feels when entering the building. We even miss the smells!
My daughters weren't even full time students. But it meant so much to us. I'm so grateful for the enrichment classes Waldorf offers home school families. They truly touched us on many levels. Not just educational, but as a whole.
I can't wait for the next time we find ourselves on the Waldorf campus. All I know is Whidbey Waldorf is everything I could ever hope for in a learning/education community and so much more.
Thank you for allowing our family to be part of your Waldorf community through your amazing programs."

Home schooling mother in North Whidbey
Rudolph Steiner –

An In-Depth Look

Celebrating 100 years of Waldorf Education around the world. Inspirational and educational - prepare to be moved!

The Journey Begins
Waldorf Early Childhood Education at WIWS
A beautiful, wise and heart felt video produced, recorded and edited by a current WIWS parent, featuring beloved WIWS Early Childhood and Sunflower KG teacher Dyanne Harshman. 

WIWS In Pictures

Potlach 2017 on our Chinook Lands

View our
Student Gallery for videos of student performances!

View our Gallery Page for videos, interviews, and articles of interest about Waldorf Education!

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Welcome to Whidbey Island Waldorf School


      WIWS Faculty & Staff, 2017-18

Another reason to love Whidbey Island.
South Whidbey has fiber optics.
Welcome to quick internet on the island.

Up Next...

WIWS Adult Education Series

Join us for support and inspiration

as we discuss issues at the heart of parenting & family.


Throughout history, sacred stories and rites of passage from world religions, cultures and traditions have served humanity, especially youth, in various and profound ways.
Join us as we examine the role of sacred stories in the world; past, present and future, and how these can serve as rites of passage, leading and guiding children on their authentic path.

Questions, or to register: enrollment@wiws.org

8th Grade Project Presentations!
Come along and see the projects our Graduating Class of 2018 have been so hard on all year. Hear their presentation, see their project and meet their mentors from the community at large.

Two memorable evenings!
Wednesday and Thursday
March 21 and 22
6pm - 8pm
at Fireside Catering, 6051 Coles Road, Langley


Art Explorations: An Afternoon Enrichment Program

At Whidbey Island Waldorf School

Explore new art forms and discover

more ways to be creative.

Learn to felt, paint, sew,

and create with wood and clay.

With WIWS teacher Cordula Hetland.